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  Chiropractic Care Included in 2010 Olympic Vancouver Winter Games

A news release from the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) on February 5, 2010 also printed on the EarthTimes website opens with the statement, "For the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada, will include chiropractic care inside the Olympic Village Polyclinic, a multi-disciplinary facility that offers comprehensive health care and medical services."

The release notes that chiropractors have been part of the Olympic Games by helping athletes as part of their individual country's healthcare staffs. However, this time in addition to the chiropractors from the individual nations, chiropractic care will be offered by the host nation of Canada at the Polyclinic which is open for all athletes from around the world.

The F4CP release notes that throughout the years, chiropractic has become a mainstay in the care of world-class athletes, leading to a growing number of doctors of chiropractic included in the Olympic Games. Countless athletes attribute the care they receive from their chiropractors, working along-side other health care professionals, as a key to properly preparing their bodies to perform optimally.

The release also reports that chiropractic care has experienced several major moments in Olympic history. The first may well have been when a chiropractor, Dr. Leroy Perry, provided chiropractic care to athletes representing Antigua during the 1976 Games in Montreal, Canada. The F4CP also noted that during the 1980 Winter Olympic Games in Lake Placid, NY, another chiropractor, Dr. George Goodheart, became the first official chiropractor appointed to the U.S. Olympic team. Since then each subsequent Olympic Games and Pan American Games, the U.S. teams, along with a growing number of other national teams, have included at least one doctor of chiropractic on their medical staff.

Dr. Bill Moreau, a chiropractor recently promoted to the Director of Sports Medicine Clinics for the US Olympic Committee, stated, "Inclusion inside the Polyclinic is another major milestone for the chiropractic profession, and we are grateful to the Host City of Vancouver, the head of Medical Services at the Polyclinic, Jack Taunton, M.D., and to Robert Armitage, D.C., who helped make this possible."


How is flu vaccine made?

National media is spreading so much panic regarding systematic approach about health risks of having virus H1N1 or Swine Flu. How is flu vaccine made?

When will vaccines be ready for public? Who is at risk of having flu? How many deaths caused by flu are predicted for the beginning of season? Panic, concern, fear… is the same story everyday, but why mass media don’t talk about how are these flu vaccines made and about hidden dangers founded inside those vaccines?

Here you have the complete story that mass media don’t mention. This is the way vaccine for typical flu is made. First, Scientifics of government choose three different strains of influenza virus that they think to be most common during the upcoming winter. Choosing right strains is a difficult issue as it happened in 2008 when they chose wrong strains. Each person vaccinated that year was injected unnecessarily with a live non-common strain of flu and with a great amount of harmful chemicals. After three strains are chosen, they are incubated inside thousands of fertilized chicken eggs. While flu virus is growing rapidly inside each egg, makers of vaccine inject the eggs with many harmful chemicals.

For example, the Formaldehyde (known as preservative and cancer-causing agent) is added to inactivate the flu virus. Aluminum, Alzheimer - causing agent which affects brain activity in a negative way, is added to promote an immune response. The thimerosal, a compound which is 49% mercury by weight, is used to disinfect the vaccine. For the 2008 and 2009 flu season, two-thirds of the vaccines contained full-dose thimerosal. The amount of mercury founded in the thimerosal used in flu vaccines exceeded 25,000 times more than the Environmental Protection Agency’s safety limit.

In order to virus strains act as Scientifics want, another chemicals were added into flu vaccine. One of those additives is Triton X-100, commonly known as detergent. The Ethylene glycol, antifreeze, was added. Then a great amount of antibiotics as streptomycin, gentamicin and neomycin that cause allergic reactions in some people were added too.

Individually, these chemicals are harmful to human body, but together they have a potential to be lethal. Then, how do you think to be healthy during flu season? Have a powerful approach, everything is natural. Wash your hands frequently, stimulate your immune system receiving chiropractic adjustments weekly, eat healthy - a lot of vegetables and fruits -, exercise regularly. Remember, natural prevention will help to be healthy during this flu season.

[Source:, Donald W. Miller, Jr. MD article “Avoid flu shots, take vitamin D instead”]



A cure for colic

Being parent is a big privilege, but if your baby suffers from colic then your happiness can be replaced quickly by frustration and powerlessness. Symptoms of colic in a healthy baby are long periods of irritability, bad mood and uncontrollable crying that could last three hours per day and three times per week at least. Even though children have some inexplicable moments of bad mood, colic increases this condition.

Good news is chiropractic adjustments can treat this colic. In a study a group of babies who suffer from colic received chiropractic adjustments to correct spinal misalignment. After two weeks of treatment, 94% of parents reported their children experienced fewer episodes of uncontrollable crying and irritability.

In this group more than 50% of babies had already received treatment with medicines to relieve colic’s symptoms but they didn’t work. In other study, more than 90% of children experienced an important decrease in colic after just two chiropractic adjustments.

The origin of colic can be childbirth. As a child is being born, he experience a great pressure and stretching on his neck and spine. If the delivery includes forceps or vacuum extraction for a long period of time, there is more pressure on baby’s spine.

When it happens, the neck and back vertebrae go out of alignment, causing pain and discomfort; the baby will cry and be irritable for hours. Good news is baby’s spine can be aligned through gentle and simple chiropractic adjustments giving a great relief to parents and baby.

Never is late to bring your child to a chiropractic for a check-up and adjustment of spinal misalignments. This is a healthy activity that will help your child in his growth and development at maximum potential.


  Chiropractic Treatment Benefits for Athletes

Athletes undertaking rigorous fitness regimes often push their bodies to the limit. Since their performance is based on the health and strength of their body, many need regular massage treatments and physical therapy sessions just to stay in shape and keep performing to their fullest potential.

Some researchers believe chiropractic care also offers several benefits for athletes who are constantly pushing their body to the max. Whether they need to recover from injury, improve performance or increase joint flexibility, ongoing chiropractic care may be a valuable addition to their training regime.

Tour de France Champion Depends on Chiropractic

Lance Armstrong is the first American to win the Tour de France three years in row. One of the methods he uses to keep in peak performance is chiropractic care. The chiropractor he uses to help him is Dr. Jeff Spencer. Dr. Jeff Spencer is no stranger to the sport. He is a former champion cyclist who competed on the 1972 United States Olympic Team as a sprint cyclist and he serves as chiropractor for the United States Postal Service Professional Cycling Team.

According to Dr. Spencer, "My job with Lance and the team is to optimize the neuromusculoskeletal component of their training and, in the event of a crash, minimize down time and get them back in the race as quickly as possible. I adjust them as needed and guide them in choices of diet and supplements, which helps reduce the likelihood of injury."

Chiropractic helps athletes perform better by removing interference to their nervous system known as subluxations. When the nerve system is free of interference the athlete can perform better. In a study conducted by the New Zealand School of Chiropractic, University of Auckland, New Zealand reaction times were improved and shortened in volunteer subjects that received chiropractic care over those that did not. The group that received the chiropractic adjustment showed a decrease in reaction time of 97 milli-seconds representing a 14.8 percent quicker reaction time. Considering these findings is it any wonder why Lance Armstrong and thousands of other athletes use chiropractic care to obtain their peak performance?


Why Athletes May Need Chiropractic Care

According to a study published in Chiropractic: The Journal of Chiropractic Research and Clinical Investigation by Lauro A and Mouch B in 1991, athletes exhibited a 30% improvement in performance after 12 weeks of chiropractic care. They were tested on several aspects of athletic ability including kinesthetic perception, power, reaction time, agility and balance. Those who did not receive chiropractic treatment showed only a 1% increase in performance after 6 weeks of treatment, while those who received the chiropractic treatments showed an 18% increase in performance after 6 weeks.

Many professional athletes also undergo care before, during and after a game. According to, athletes including Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong and Barry Bonds all receive treatments from sports chiropractors so that they can improve their performance and recover properly throughout training and game season. (Source: )

Young athletes - not only professionals or Olympians can also benefit from chiropractic care because this type of care enhances blood flow, improves range of motion and can also increase recovery rates after intensive training or a game. Full range of motion is particularly important for endurance athletes and those who must employ various types of stretches into their training routine.


Key Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Athletes

In addition to improving performance, ongoing chiropractic care offers several health and wellness benefits. These include:

•  Improved posture.
•  Increased range of motion.
•  Improved immune system that can ward off common illnesses or disease.
•  Better focus and concentration.
•  Reduction of migraines or severe headaches.
•  Increased blood circulation.
•  Better joint flexibility.
•  Reduced risk of injury.
•  Increased blood and oxygen flow throughout the body.
•  Improved recovery rates after a sports injury.
•  Reduction of pain in major joints.

Many athletes only turn to chiropractors after they have been injured, but it may be more beneficial to incorporate chiropractic care into the weekly training routine. A sports chiropractor can offer specialized care for marathon runners, tennis players, football and basketball players, and other types of athletes who are constantly on the move.